Active Energy Flow

Active Energy Flow combines physical exercises, Pilates, Yoga, dance and therapeutic movement based, with energy healing techniques (mindfulness, meditation, Reiki), creating a flowing experience that multiplies the benefits of body, mind and spirit balance. The physical movements we use in Active Energy Flow are specifically chosen for their abilities to promote wellness and healing. Breathing techniques, mantras, chakra activation and Reiki energy work are performed along with these exercises. Movements are enriched with mindfulness, precision and focus. Body systems, mind and emotions are influenced in a way that, overall health, deeper self understanding, balance, strength, flexibility and better self management develop.

Active Energy Flow integrates the individual, facilitating awareness, coherence and an appreciation of life in all its complexity. Through this practice, we come to understand that the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person are absolutely inseparable.

This practice approaches the whole body, encouraging practitioners to discover everything about it. It is a dynamic meditation that installs us in the present moment. Meditation becomes physical and movement becomes spiritual. Within each physical activity we make, we also move our thoughts and emotions (motions) and bring us closer to our search of purpose and happiness.

Active Energy Flow challenges us to see our own wonderful complexity, to accept that there is no separation between the body, mind and the spirit, and view them as one entity. Understanding it like a butterfly effect, karma(action-reaction) as our responsibility.

I invite you to remain open to a higher and simpler awareness of how we function within our bodies. I offer you the opportunity to see that every single thing we experience, from a pain in the shoulder, to a hug, to the sound of music or a baby’s laugh, to hard work, to dancing with joy, to feeling annoyed, to crying tears, to playing with your pet, to a debate or pleasant conversation, to running down the street… are all complex activities that are equally physical, mental and spiritual.

Active Energy Flow presents the possibility of becoming conscious. Of being here and now, to improve our body-mind connection and allow our spirit to be free and shine.

The concept of this work is to encourage students self-knowledge and provide guidance through a series of exercises and tools, providing a holistic experience through functional movement, visualizations, breathing and mindfulness techniques.

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