Elena Bartley

My story is like all the stories of aspiring dancers. I started getting to know the movement at a very early age, and although I wasn’t enrolled in formal classes until I was 9 years old, I always knew that I wanted to dance. I grew up in a country where dance and movement is basic and essential, my mother was instrumental in my life, much of what I am now I owe to her.

Although I was born and raised in Mexico City, my professional life as a dancer was made entirely in New York, where I had the good fortune of belonging to the famous «Dance Theater of Harlem» with them I met the world and danced happily for 15 years.In NY, when I wanted to know more about movement and how to strengthen my body to be able to perform better as a dancer and as an artist, it was that I learned about the Pilates Method from the hand of the great Romana Krizanowska.

I have always been characterized by the love of discipline and complete dedication to work, I think as Arthur Mitchell (the founder of the Dance Theater of Harlem) told us all the time, “Physical talent is only 50%, the rest is hard work and iron discipline ”, that is how I would also define the great Roman when I started in this Method of Contrology. For more than 25 years now, I have been unraveling the mystery of how to learn to move better.

I must thank all these teachers who have given me their guides, such as Romana and also Jay Grimes who has shown me the way to “2 ways stretch” and the simplicity of movement. So I could keep mentioning names and people, as we learn from each person who crosses our path. Especially from our students who teach us to keep investigating and keep learning.

If I had to choose one secret or advice it would be «never never stop training.»


Elena Bartley