Healing with Crystals

Crystal healing is an alternative healing technique in which crystals and other stones are used to cure and protect. Crystals allow positive, healing energy to flow into the body. 

Each crystal has its own unique energetic properties, and can also be used to enhance the vibration of chakras.

Let’s see some examples: 


Amplifies positive energies at all levels, it is the most used crystal in healing for its many emotional, physical and spiritual healing qualities. Provides mental and spiritual clarity, high concentration, helps to think positively, it is one of the best stones for meditation. It is protective, at home placing a quartz crystal positively charges and protects the environment and the inhabitants of the house. Quartz is also used to charge other crystals and stones.

Widely used in clairvoyance, in the form of crystal balls to see the future, near clairvoyance instruments to enhance their power and good use and close to the seer to open their psychic perception and for their good interpretation.

Place it in the center of the head or on the forehead and give Reiki, wear it close by as a necklace, ring, keep it near you. 


This gem is one of the best to get to meditation. It reflects one of the basic colors of the 6th chakra, purple. It helps the development of intuition, it is associated with humility. Indicated for people who suffer from insomnia, depression, anxiety, headaches, stress, work fatigue and lack of concentration. It brings peace, balance, tranquility. It is a maternal stone so it protects and cares for children especially. In the house it absorbs negative vibrations. If used with rose quartz it helps to renew the emotional plane.

Formerly it was identified with the crown of the kings and with their jewels. Considered a protector of drunks, it is said that she is very good at overcoming any addictions. The metal with which it has the best affinity is gold.

It can be placed in the third eye to meditate on what we want to transmute, for emotional or physical ailments, to meditate on spiritual or esoteric themes and expand intuition. And likewise giving REIKI to intensify and enhance its power.


Blue in color, which corresponds to the 5th chakra. It is indicated in problems of depression, introverts, incomprehension, lack of speech, shyness and all problems of the throat, larynx and pharynx. It brings joy, happiness, serenity, balance, vitality and sincere and fluent communication. Contributes adequately to experiences related to memory and the rescue of past experiences. If it has silver inclusions, it intensifies its vibrations for the benefit of the emotional field, activating it. If it has copper inclusions, it becomes a conductor that balances the functioning of the respiratory system and regulates the lungs. It is the ideal stone for those who are dedicated to art, architecture, writers, painters, communication in all areas. 

It was considered the traveller’s stone, protecting all who traveled far from the dangers of the journey.

Place it on the throat and give REIKI to intensify and enhance its power.


It is believed that its pink color is due to the fact that there is titanium in its three components. It is very calming, it brings peace, tranquility, confidence, self-esteem, self-love, it helps the heart rest from the burden of the weight of living. Indicated for people lacking in love, for those who go through a relationship crisis, for a loss, for those who have suffered rejection or abuse. Helps to accept the love of others and to overcome fears due to lack of confidence. It attracts love and friendship. Placed on the nightstand on the left side, it brings strength and harmony in the couple’s relationship. Its energy penetration is mainly directed to the heart chakra, although it has the ability to influence all the chakras.

Place it in the center of the chest and give Reiki, or always carry it with you on the left side in your pocket, pants or underwear. Or in the form of a necklace, pendant, earrings, near you.

-Aventurine. Indicated for the heart chakra, ideal when combined with rose quartz. It is green in color, although it may present variations, with inclusions of mica that is the cause of its bright reflections. Indicated in sentimental and emotional problems, for stress, brain conditions. Provides balance between body, mind and emotions, strength to overcome problems. With balsamic effect. This stone also helps with issues related to fertility. It is the stone of luck in games of chance.

Place it in the heart chakra along with the rose quartz and give Reiki.


This is a gem of great value because it has two golden-brown tones, having a great affinity with the crown chakra. Its vibration load is very high. Its darker tones in meditation create a link of great intensity with the depths of the planet. Suitable for people who want to break their chains and gain freedom, to return to the present and reality, to repel the evil eye, for stomach problems and to broaden perceptions. This stone elevates us and connects us with spirituality, and attracts material goods. It brings energy, vitality, security, courage and confidence.

Place it in the 3rd chakra and give Reiki.


It belongs to the agates family. With electromagnetic properties and a great power of energy irradiation. It favors concentration, to investigate the past, broadens mental capacity, helps in concentration, avoids stress in the face of more important responsibilities. Indicated for shy people, or for those who find it difficult to relate and for students or for professions that require great mental and intellectual capacity. 

Place it in the navel chakra and give Reiki, wear it close by in the form of a necklace, bracelet, ring, etc.


Obsidian. Related to life, survival, the self. This gem attracts physical forces to direct them to spirit, magnifying unconscious abilities. Called the stone of truth, it reflects both good and bad. If used with sincerity and maturity it will provide great and valuable information about the self, it is not a friend of lies or falsehoods. Indicated in depression, in moments of confusion, relieves aches and pains, for bone diseases. It is not a stone that provides material goods, but it does require more and more responsibility and respect. Against the evil eye and negativity, it is a protective stone.

In ancient times it was a stone highly coveted by wizards and witches, the future could be carried in obsidian mirrors.

Red Jasper. Indicated in the treatment of liver, blood and circulation diseases. It is sexually stimulating, provides energy and vitality. It is also protective, as an amulet. For people lacking confidence, security, fearful, mild depression or reluctance.

In ancient times it was used as antivenoms.

Place it in the sacral chakra and give Reiki, wear it around as a necklace, bracelet, etc. 

Marta Texidó Font

Reiki Master 

Editor / Director

translated from english by Eva Texidó