Reiki for teenagers

Adolescence is a complex stage of life and difficult to deal with due to the important hormonal and physiological changes that occur. At the same time, an excess of energy is generated that can be manifested or repressed.

This leads the youth to temporarily diminish their capacity for discernment and to act on impulse, and sometimes becomes closed and uncommunicative.

They have an unbalanced excess of energy during this period.
Reiki is very helpful, because it is a great energy regulator.

The hands of the Reiki therapist or the study and practice, will help channel the subtle energy and apply it on the energy centers of young people, cleansing, harmonizing, restoring the natural flow of personal energy at all levels: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

They will find themselves relaxed and serene as their great energy will flow harmoniously.

They will feel willing to face with serenity the contradictions, so natural at this stage.

Marta Texidó

Master of Reiki-Therapist

Fotografia: M. Cinta Texidó.