Secrets of natural beauty

Body peeling:

To have a silky skin, clean of all impurities and healthy, you have all the ingredients at home.

In a bowl, prepare a mixture of olive oil, sea salt or table salt, a few drops of lemon and a tablespoon of honey.

Before the daily shower, massage your whole body with this mixture, insisting especially on the elbows, knees and heels of the feet. Allow a few minutes and then shower, first with warm water and finish with cold water. You will be impressed with your skin.

Strawberry mask

When preparing a plate of strawberries with cream, set aside two or three strawberries and two tablespoons of cream to make a mask.

Crush two strawberries with a fork and add the cream and a tablespoon of honey to form a very thick paste, apply it on the face and neck, except the eye area, let stand twenty minutes, you can remove the mask with cotton wool moistened with warm milk.
The results are spectacular, refreshing, softens, is a very special mask for dry and rough skin.

An anti-aging advice:

-Drink enough fluids a day, in addition to benefiting your vitality, you will prevent your skin from wrinkling.

-It is very beneficial to drink natural water on an empty stomach with lemon juice, it helps to eliminate the toxins that the body has produced at night.

-During the day drink infusions of depurative, relaxing, digestive or calming plants, between hours and after meals.

-Soups and broths, if possible with low sodium and some olive oil.

-Fruit and vegetable juices for breakfast or before meals.

Beauty assured!

Marta Texidó Font

Founder and director