«Time is an illusion»

How long ago was that? Who knows. I always consider myself anachronistic, a being of no time, and I believe age is a social limitation made to control, fear favorite entertainment, sometimes used as an excuse or a need of defining ourselves, sometimes an statistic or a way to categorize people. We do the same with calendars, there is time for joy, time to retreat, time to be motivated, time to cheat, time to plan…and in the process. We may lose the day, hours, minutes, seconds, until We realize is just NOW. My favorite time. We can still have dreams, plans or goals to conquer, and prepare for farther times, as long We understand that our imagination about the outcome is an illusion and that to stay present is not going to sabotage the future, quite opposite. When our minds take over the moment and bring us to the fears of what will be or even to the joys of what We are expecting, when We recreate traumas from the past or melancholy takes over, NOW is just a mere uncomfortable transition to the lie of the worst or the best. Until NOW becomes a bunch of yesterdays never able to be recover . Should We learn to appreciate the most simple gestures of our existence? Like taking a shower concentrating in how the water feels when it touches our skin, to eat and savor food finding new sensations in our palate, to listen others without a need to answer, to drive without judgment, to observe without opinion, to find opportunities to communicate face to face, to love unconditionally without expectations or agendas…to learn NOW before tomorrow is too late.
Eva Texido Font