We spoke with Dena Drotar

Dena thank you so much for being part of Pilates protagonistas. 

Could you tell us a bit about how you started in the world of contrology?

The very first Pilates class I ever took brought me to tears because I had a lot of old trauma and emotions stuck in my body. I was so impressed with how deep Pilates and my instructor Sandy Shimoda were and I decided right then that I wanted to learn EVERYTHING about Pilates (Contrology)

How would you define Contrology from your personal point of view? 

Contrology is Joseph Pilates’  brilliant system of exercises that work the body to make it strong, long, and filled with  vitality . Then,  a person can live their fullest, best life and be able to accomplish and enjoy  everyday movement as well as any activity.  Also,  because of Contrology ,  I was able to recover almost instantly from a terrible fall. Strong Core = Full Life.

What has been the most important tool in your career as a teacher and mentor?

My Most important tool has been my keen eye and my empathic heart.. I can see imbalances right away and more importantly I can FEEL blockages in my students bodies, minds, spirits.

What is your way of seeing life and what do you think is important right now?  

My motto  is «change the world….love yourself.»  When we can love all parts of ourselves then we are more  able to love, embrace, listen, share with others. THEN we can honor our differences and lose the need to fight and rid ourselves of the need  of either/or thinking. Life is not Black and White….it is all colors of the rainbow and more. There are always many options not just my way or your way. When we Love ourselves and then we may be open to see that We truly are One.  Humanity needs love needs tolerance needs the light of each of us to shine in order for us to survive and to thrive.

Do you have a secret that you would like to share or any advice that you think can help?  

Trust yourself! Love yourself! meet your body where it is right now and enjoy the journey of becoming stronger…for yourself!  It is about how you FEEL in your body more than how you LOOK! I think that finding the feeling of pleasure in your body as you live the life that you desire is everything!

Would you like to add something?

Change the World……Love yourself!    You are worth it!!